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Stay Tuned to Oliver Sean’s Latest Releases as His Album ‘Garage Sessions Vol 2 is all Set to Play - Daily Music Roll
28th Jan 2022

Artist Oliver Sean, with his expertise in music composition and deep understanding of songwriting, has given some brilliant and creative songs. Out of them, the most beautiful one is the ‘Blue Dances’. The intro of the song will compel you to listen to the full song as it makes you remind the south Asian Folk music.  The artist has shown his grip over music and expertise in singing in the song. The beats of the background music are very exotic and mix the music of various genres.  Listening to the song will make you feel his prowess in the field.

Oliver Sean dazzles with new single 'Blues Dance (Worldbeat)' - Jukebox Mind
5th Jan 2022

Jukebox Mind is today reviewing the new song by artist Oliver Sean. It is titled Blues Dance (Worldbeat) and is truly a creative whirlwind altogether. The intro is dashing with percussions that seem to remind us of the south asian folk genre. Add to that some thrilling guitars, matchless composition, riveting vocals by Oliver Sean and you a get masterpiece i.e. “Blues Dance (Worldbeat)”. What caught our attention is the exquisite blend of beats from various genres. The experimental craftiness is audible throughout the song. There are glimpses of 80s rhythms and arrangement which takes us back into a different era. Also, the rap section by American Hip Hop artist PM totally allured us!

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Oliver Sean's 'Blues Dance (Worldbeat)' given Editorial Recommendation by German Publication 'Excess Mag' - Excess Magazine
9th Jan 2022

Mit seiner neuen Single und dem dazugehörigen Video Blues Dance (Worldbeat) featured der Künstler Oliver Sean die Künstler PM und R.I.P und klingt dabei wie eine Mischung aus traditionellem Blues-Rock und elektronischem Worldbeat. Eine sehr individuelle und eigenwillige Vermählung zweier musikalischer Welten, die man so zusammen selten hört und die doch irgendwie, wenn man es wie in diesem Falle geschickt anstellt, doch prächtig miteinander funktionieren.

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Oliver Sean's Music Video and Original Song Wins at the Swedish International Film Festival

Oliver Sean's Billboard Top 10 single and music video 'Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness)' wins at the Swedish International Film Festival.

Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness) has had considerable success since it was released, bagging Oliver Sean a Billboard Top 10,  an iTunes Number one, and the music video, which was also directed by the artist, going on to win multiple film festival awards and official selections. The single continues to win critical acclaim and has now officially been named a winner at the Swedish International Film Festival.

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Garage Sessions Vol.1 - Oliver Sean 
Round Magazine Exclusive Album Review

16th July 2021 

When the Coronavirus lockdowns of 2020 hit, it derailed the plans of a lot of musicians.  The best, however, found ways to adapt - like Oliver Sean did. He transitioned to doing online gigs live, streaming to fans, taking requests and generally doing his best to put on good shows, even as a one-man band.

He dubbed these his garage sessions and by all accounts, they were a huge success. So huge that he decided to recapture the spirit and energy of those gigs in this, the first of his official 'Garage Session' albums. While recorded in a professional studio, with his regular band, Garage Session Vol 1 is a mix of covers and older original material - just like the online sessions.

by Jason Block

29th Aug 2020

No one could accuse Oliver Sean of having a typical career.  This Indo-Portuguese singer-songwriter first hit radio playlists in 1999 with "There She Is Again," which he'd recorded as a teen.  From there, he launched into a globe-spanning career compassing everything from film scoring to work with the French tourism industry.  Throughout, his musical focus had been a blend of classic American blues-rock, influenced by a range of ideas from around the globe.

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Portuguese artist Oliver Sean hits the Billboard Top 10 Charts. - The Portugal News
6th Aug 2020

Independent DIY Artist Oliver Sean hits the iTunes UK Top 10 Bestselling Pre-orders Charts

Oliver Sean's upcoming Blues Contemporary album 'Devil is Back' featuring R.I.P (Real Indie Project) has come in at No.4 on the iTunes Bestselling Pre Orders Charts in the United Kingdom across all genres, sharing space with major label acts

LONDON - Aug. 6, 2020 --- Oliver Sean has hit No.4 on the UK's Bestselling Pre-Orders Charts, sharing space with the Killers, Jon Bon Jovi, Kylie Minogue and others. As an Indie artist Oliver has been blurring the definition of what an Independent DIY artist means in the Industry. The singer songwriter and producer has maintained a DIY Indie profile from the start of his career and has achieved success that some major label artists still yearn for. From getting an MTV EMA Nomination to hitting the Top 10 on the the coveted Billboard Charts, this Independent artist, who is very proud of his DIY status and work ethic, has achieved success in a very tough industry, an Industry known to be especially hard for artists and musicians who do not have the backing and clout of the major labels.

Oliver Sean releases the 9th volume of the Goa Chillout Zone Album, featuring breakthrough Independent Artists joining him on this Chillout Special Editipon. 

16th Feb 2020

Oliver Sean has come out with his 9th volume of the Goa Chillout Zone album which portrays a whole list of independent artists who have broken all preconceptions of what independent music represents, writes Shashwat Gupta Ray, Editor, Gomantak Times , 16th Feb 2020

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billboard top 10.jpeg
Portuguese artist Oliver Sean hits the Billboard Top 10 Charts. - The Portugal News
13th Jun 2019

After hitting No.1 on the US iTunes World Charts last week, the Portuguese singer songwriter Oliver Sean has come in at No.6 on the Billboard World Singles charts with his song Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness)

Leicester Based Indie Artist hits Billboard Top 10 Charts - In Your Area Magazie

6th Jun 2019

A local singer based in Leicester has skyrocketed onto the Billboard World Singles charts this week. Oliver Sean is an Indie singer-songwriter who focuses his style on acoustic rock.

He said: "It is quite surreal to see your song listed in the billboard charts." Oliver's breakthrough single, 'Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness)' has come in at Number 6 on the charts, a roaring success for a DIY artist.

UK Based Oliver Sean credits his Goa Fans for the Billboard Top 10 Chart Success
1st Jun 2019

Oliver Sean is Doing That - Round Magazine!

4th Jun 2019

Rarely can a 'do it yourself' indie artist escape the longtail blues of the modern music industry. One percent of musicians get the lion's share of attention (and money) while more than 90% go completely undiscovered.

Enter Oliver Sean. This dynamic, hard-working musician from Leicester by way of Goa has charted on Billboard at number 6 with his bouncy pop single Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness). The song also tickled the top position on iTunes in North America.


Interview with UK based, MTV EMA nominated artist Oliver Sean - Alfred Munoz, Muzique Magazine
17th Jan 2019

What are you currently working on and how can the people find you?

I’m releasing a new single called ‘Doing That (Time Love Happiness)’ in February along with a music video and this will be coinciding with Headline at the WOA Music Festival and Tour 2019. I’m super excited about this and also the upcoming music videos for my iTunes no.1 single ‘Walk up and Kiss you’ from the album Devil in Blue Jeans and the title track music video. So quite a bit planned out for 2019.

MUSIC: Get to know the real Oliver Sean - TMN Magazine

10th Jan 2019

We were curious about this amazing singer songwriter and wanted to know more so Jeremiah Foster immediately set about interviewing him. Online Article Preview (6th Dec)

Oliver Sean's Album Devil in Blue Jeans and Single Walk up and kiss you hit  No.1 on iTunes
28th Nov 2018

MTV EMA Nominee Oliver Sean has done it again. After hitting No.1 on the Top 100 singles charts on iTunes European Charts; the Indie star that gone on to  hit the Top 10 on the Album Charts in Mexico with his  album Devil in Blue Jeans. 

Rock This Way - Keya Modessa, 'Pukaar Magazine, England

7th Jun 2018

Singer–songwriter and all–round musician, Oliver Sean has been singing for as long as he can remember. Keya Modessa caught up with him to talk Grammys, Goa and what genre his music fits into. Born in Portugal and raised in Goa, Oliver Sean has been living in Leicester for nearly five years but splits his life between Goa, Dubai, New York and the UK. “They call me the world citizen,” he says with his subtle American accent.

"Devil in Blue Jeans is Oliver Sean's best work so far" - Fireworks Magazine

The Oliver Sean Band as mentioned is a power trio and Oliver thinks that this  minimalistic setup brings out the best in the musicians in a band,  "each one has to give their best musically to really fill up the sound on stage"

Oliver Sean Keeps Surprising Us - Eric Johnson, 'Round Magazine, USA,

14th Sep 2017

As a multi-national world citizen, Oliver Sean transcends regional styles and influences. You might think he was from Key West, rather than a few hundred miles south of Mumbai, and that's the lovely point. In a time when Americans are dancing Bollywood, and Koreans are creating edgy hip-hop, a Portuguese-Goan-Brit doing original island infused folk-pop makes perfect sense.

Vh1 Top 10 Artist Oliver Sean's iTunes Bestselling Pre-Order Album 'Devil in Blue Jeans' Launching

29th Aug, PRLog

Oliver Sean's highly anticipated 4th studio album, which hit the iTunes best selling pre orders charts, releasing worldwide on 31st August along with the artist's brand new music video for 'First Move', the second single from the album.

 Oliver Sean at The Washington, by Bob Saar, The Hawkeye, Burlington Iowa

18th May 2017

It’s quite possible you’ve never heard of Oliver Sean, even though the rest of the world would flock Saturday to The Washington in Burlington to hear this musician from the U.K. Maybe a bit of his cred will pique you enough to peek:

MTV EMA Nominee (Best Worldwide Act)

Vh1 Top 10

AVMax Album of the Year Nominee...

A Decade of Hits by MTV EMA Nominated Acoustic Rockstar Oliver Sean - PR Log

WOA International Launches New Album 'A Decade of Hits' Featuring 11 Hit Singles From The Past Decade By Platinum Selling Vh1 Top 10 Artist and Producer Oliver Sean.


Fans of the Acoustic Rockstar can buy a special edition "personally signed CD" right here and will also receive free Merchandise  from the Oliver Sean Heartland Tour. To buy the CD and get the free merchandise click the BUY ALBUM link below.

"When I Play In Goa I Always Play Better" - Times of India

International Portuguese Goan Singer Songwriter Oliver Sean is currently touring across Goa along with As Is and Sam Julian on the WOA Music Festival 2017. In a chat with Goa Times he talks about his Goa Tour, the lack of Independent Musicians in the State and what makes him a successful musician

Read the full interview

"Goa now finally accepts original music" - Oliver Sean, The Herald 

Oliver Sean is in Goa as part of the 9th edition of the WOA Music Festival. Cafe spoke to the headlining artist before his finale at the Hard Rock Hotel today and got to know more about his music. Read the full interview here

Sean's Next Move - Round Magazine, USA

"Sean’s new song, First Move, is a tribute to youthful naiveté. It’s rife with coming of age nostalgia, with lines like “I’m kinda shy/when I see you smile/I get tongue tied.” The time-tested elements in Oliver Sean’s music are heavy with meaning as well. The guitar style of Jason Mraz and the vocal leanings of Jack Johnson are present, but Sean makes them entirely his own. Read the Article

 Oliver Sean to Release New Single as an Ode to New York City  - Top 40 Charts, NYC

Like his previous album, the VH1 Top 10 So Good, this single is the first song from his upcoming 4th studio album, Devil in Blue Jeans, which sees the artist tossing away the 'rule book' as he continues to reinvent and redefine the acoustic rock genre.time.  Read the Top 40 Article Here 

"I Miss Goa Period!." Oliver Sean on his visit to his Hometown  - Times Of India

The Times of India caught up with the Platinum selling singer songtwriter and MTV EMA Nominee while he was on tour in Goa headlining the 8th Annual WOA International Music Festival and India Tour in association with Vh1 from the 31st Jan to 10th Feb 2016. Oliver Sean also headlined the Government of Goa's International Wine Festival 'Grape Escapade' during this time.  Read the full interview here

Oliver Sean in the 58th Grammy Nomination Ballots for Composer/Arranger, Music Video (Director) and Art Director (Packaging) categories - NARAS

As a voting member for the Grammy Awards and selected by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences 4 years in a row for the Grammy Nomination Ballots for his various Albums, SIngles and Music Videos; the MTV EMA Nominee and Vh1 Top 10 Artist is once again selected for the Grammy Nomination Ballots (58th Awards) in the categories of Composer/Arranger (Non Classical/Vocal Arrangement), Music Video (Director), Art Director (Packaging). 

Portuguese Artist to Headline Major Festival in Former Colony - The Portugal News

The internationally-acclaimed Portuguese singer-songwriter Oliver Sean is to headline at a major Indie music festival in the former Portuguese colony Goa, as talks are being held to bring the star to the Algarve for a series of first-ever concerts in Portugal. Should the talks reach fruition it will be the first time the MTV Europe Music Awards nominee has performed in his native Portugal. Click Here for Full Article

Oliver Sean Stripped Down Tour Travels to Manuel Antonia Costa Rica - The Costa Rica Star

MTV EMA Nominee Oliver Sean has stripped down! The breakthrough Indie singer and songwriter, whose VH1 Top 10 Album that Rolling Stone magazine called, “It’s like the Eagles have hired Jack Johnson for some lessons on lightening up”, has lightened up indeed by surprising fans with his acoustic side at all his performances since the start of the year. Oliver Sean has now announced dates of his Summer Tour that will see the platinum selling artist performing his new stripped down acoustic rock material across the UK, America, Costa Rica and Portugal. Click here for Full Article

Globe-trotting singer Oliver Sean plans to open live music club in Leicester - Leicester Mercury UK

The musician, who has been nominated in the MTV European Music Awards, has played at Cafe Wha? in Manhattan, a famous music venue graced by the likes of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, and Whiskey A Go Go, a nightclub in West Hollywood. Now the 34-year-old has set his sights on opening a club in Leicester, based on his musical experiences. Click here to read the full article

Portuguese artist nominated for MTV ‘Worldwide Act’ award - Vh1 Viacom / The Portugal News

Portuguese artist Oliver Sean is taking the international music scene by storm and has recently received a nomination for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 in the ‘Worldwide Act’ category. Speaking to The Portugal News about his nomination the talented musician said “it is amazing news for me as an artist.”“Not only does this give me the much-needed support and confidence that my music is being appreciated worldwide, this nomination is also a huge boost to me as a film-maker as I directed the music video ‘So Good’ which is nominated for the MTV EMA’S.”Celebrating diversity and the breadth of all the music that MTV has to offer, the ‘Worldwide Act’ category nominates outstanding artists from all corners of the world. Click here to read the full article

Oliver Sean set to release his new album - Times of India

The singer-songwriter, who has just returned from a successful US tour, is all set to release his new album in January 2013. Singer-songwriter Oliver Sean, who is just back from a successful US Tour after headlining at the Whiskey a Go-Go and Cafe Wha?, performed recently at the Ponds Femina Miss India contest in Goa. Sean, who has ascended from a local performer in Goa to an international rock phenomenon, released his latest single All I Remember in the US. He also announced his  MTV Europe Music Awards nomination and his inclusion in the Grammy nomination list second time in a row. The song features Sean's distinctive style of percussive rock laced with heavy licks. Click here for the Full Article

Oliver Sean Cover Story on Gulf News E+ Magazine - Gulf News

After a record-breaking run on the independent music circuit, alternative rocker Oliver Sean is ready to unveil his new album - So Good. Krita Coelho Catches up with the multifaceted artist and decides it's time to reveal her big secret…

On my last visit home to Goa, an article on the front page of the entertainment section of the local daily newspaper caught my attention. It featured rocker Oliver Sean, whose latest single So Good hit two million downloads in just a couple of days. Two hours after the single was released online for free download, a whopping 330,000 people had accessed it and it reached a record-breaking 2.4 million downloads in just three days.The article took me down memory lane. In my early teens, I watched in awe as this boy of about 15 held audiences in rapture with his band called Knights. Read the Full Article Here

Oliver Sean Press Archive. International Pubication clippings on the Award Winning Singer Songwriter.
01.01.1999 - Present Day

As Oliver Sean's career started off in his teens, his media coverage and press clippngs have taken on a career of their own spanning hundreds, if not thousands of articles on prominent media worldwide. Here you can find at least some of those articles his management team have managed to archive in this treasure trove online for Oliver Sean Fans. Some of the articles include Oliver Sean cover stories, reviews and news bytes on Rolling Stone Magazine, Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Record Mag, Society Magazine, HT, The Times, DNA, Herald, Mercury, Navhind, Rave, The Portugal News, The Evening Standard and many more Internatonal publications. Click Here to access the Oliver Sean Press Archive , Oliver Sean Blog (newspaper snippets) And Click Here to access the Wikipedia page for Oliver Sean where links to some excellent articles from national newspapers are referenced and being added to everyday. Fans can send in links to Oliver Sean articles they would like added here if not already added by us. Contact Us )

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